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  • What is QtWebChannel
  • How to use QWebChannel API now.
  • How should it look like?
  • What is needed to make it an official module with Qt 5.4


  • rename WebChannel.id to WebChannel..remoteId
  • don't put objects into window.* by default
  • use "newstyle" javascript (whatever that is, waiting for feedback from Harri Porten)
  • remove channel arg from init callback
  • supply minified version of qwebchannel.js, maybe only in non-debug
  • error handling
  • aim for proper integration with QtWebKit (and in the future QtWebEngine)

Integration with QtWeb{Kit,Engine}

  • make QtWebChannel a dependency of QtWeb{Kit,Engine}
  • move integration tests to QtWeb{Kit,Engine}, keep pure auto tests in QtWebChannel
  • make it easy to use:
    1. webView.experimental.publishObject(...)
  • no other experimental features to enable (such as navigator.qt)
  • no custom setup required, at least on the QML side, possibly even on the .html/.js side

Shipping with Qt 5.4

  • will be done, hopefully
  • repo is going to be moved to qt5 from qt-labs, renamed to qtwebchannel
  • other people from Digia will make sure tests etc. run.
  • audience is asked for review of the documentation, implementation