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Sponsoring Community Contributors


The idea behind the sponsoring of community contributors boils down to these three area:

  • Event expenses
  • Hardware loan
  • Feature development

The KDE e.V. non-###### organization is pretty similar to what we would like to achieve.

What event is covered and what aspects are (e.g. traveling, hotel, publicity material etc.) must be determined

The feature development sponsoring would help cover something like e.g. John Layt’s new Qt Print Support implementation. Another example would be Krita’s current fundraising campaign.


  • The money should be handled centrally
  • A board composed of 5 members should be elected
  • Ideally the board members should represent different aspects of the community


If possible, the organization would be a non-###### entity. However, since Qt is represented on several continents, all legal aspects should first be analyzed to determine what form it should take and if several of these organization should be created e.g. one in the USA, one in Europe etc.