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  • 10.10 is out with semi-public beta program. Style needs to be taken care of.
  • Code signing is still an issue on OS X.
  • QCocoaWindow has schizophrenic requirements. Several solutions proposed, but none cover all the use-cases. — Should we have two different implementations, each addressing a different use-case?
  • Native, lightweight web view? New, iOS + OS X unified API in Yosemite, but we still need to support 10.9 and older.
  • If we can do the above, then any native view could be embedded in QtQuick. (Morten shows coolest demo since forever). — QML dynamic binding to Cocoa possible, should be added to Qt Mac Extras. Currently research project.
  • Polish hi-dpi support.
  • Some remarks about styling. Spinbox focus frame, extra size needed for most widgets to fit contents (QPushButton extra margin involved?), combo box should not change item when scrolled over (particularly annoying when the combo box is in a scroll view).