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Website unification

  • website should be driven by the community and the needs of the ecosystem, not by "marketing and sales dudes"
  • need to strike balance between open source being good and need to drive sales
  • make it easier to find tools from the ecosystem
    • grow the ecosystem
    • talk to Cornelius about inqlude
    • Also make available from Creator and the installer/maintenance tool
  • Accounts should also be unified: Qt Account, JIRA/Gerrit, Wiki/Forum
    • There are 22400 JIRA accounts and most of them might be stale
    • Same identity, not single sign-on
  • Old Wiki (Media wiki): needs to be shut down
    • Lots of deep-linking into it
    • But Tero would prefer to keep a Mediawiki instance instead of the Expression engine one in the main site
  • Changeover should be progressive
    • Start with the most needed pages
    • DevNet has 40000 threads and lots of comments
    • Deep-linking
    • Painful to keep the forums running due to expression engine
  • Building of binaries is a separate discussion
    • Cornelius might help with OBS
    • Danimo has experience with it
    • Need to vet binaries coming from third parties (no malware)
  • Blog aggregation:
    • Planet Qt continues as it is
    • Planet's feed should show up on the homepage, headlines only
    • Homepage should have project-wide news
      • Could be an aggregator too
  • Calendar / events:
    • Would be nice to consolidate a calendar of events
    • Needs to be a main section of the main website
    • qtdeveloperdays.com needs to be consolidated too
  • Need to have governance rules for editing the websites
    • Open Governance, same principles but specialised for the website
    • Similar to the Social Media Guidelines
  • Separate topic: better coordination with packagers
    • Linux distro packages, Ministro and mingw.org builds should be available at release time