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Declarative QML

It should be declarative. Let’s make the dream come true! What specific, constructive changes can we make to help this happen without breaking everyone (and without making things impossible).

Maybe just better

Specific API issues

Changing State

StateChange element: like https://codereview.qt.io/#change,3356


It interrupts the hierarchy of objects, but main problem is that it’s getting abused.

Deferred loading flag on Item would fix the not-really-dynamic case where they shouldn’t be using Loader. And tools can override the flag somehow.

Signal Handlers

Pull model basically solves this in the cases where it’s abused.

Could expose Polish, which might also solve it in specific cases.


DONE! If it’s not in a complex expression of course.

Strictly Declarative Mode

Of some interest, but needs more actual use-cases that it would solve before being worth the effort.

Declarative Transactions (Atomic/Pull bindings)

Good idea. Tons and Tons of work.