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Qt Contributors’ Summit 2014 – Call for sponsorship

Come meet the 200 top contributors to the Qt project, the cross platform tools used by more than 500 000 developers across the world.

The Qt Contributors’ Summit 2014 will be held at the ESTREL convention center in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday – Wednesday, June 10-11, 2014. The key benefits for sponsors of the event are:

  • Meet the most active contributors to the Qt project. 200 of the most active developers and maintainers of the Qt project will be present to discuss the current state and future of Qt.
  • Take part in the discussions that shape the future of Qt. The maintainers of Qt will be present and discussing the direction Qt is heading to. Be there to share your views on the future of Qt.
  • Make yourself visible to the Qt community. Sponsoring the event provides you with promotional possibilities such as visibility in the event, a chance to address the top contributors directly and press coverage.

For the Qt Contributor Summit, the sponsorship packages range from S to XL where sponsors are able to showcase their Qt commitment in front of a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivated ecosystem via a variety of sponsor benefits solidifying their stance as active contributors and advocates of the Qt technology.

All companies interested in the development of Qt and the health of the Qt Project are encouraged to contribute to the event budget itself. The Qt Contributor’s Summit is dependent on sponsorship to succeed.

If your company wants to help by sponsoring the Summit, please contact tero.kojo(at)digia.com (event organiser). We have different tiers and possibilities for sponsorship.