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Notes of the qbs session

What happened since the last Qt contributor's summit?


  • nested projects
  • robust change tracking
  • stable API for IDEs
  • documentation was extended a lot


  • rules w/ flexible number of outputs (IDL, flex)
  • special moc code removed

Future plans

  • full Android support == combining builds/packaging! (1.3)
  • implement the missing features for supporting the utterly complex Qt 5 module system
    • source modules (.pri files in qmake)
    • support for external build systems (external project in cmake)
    • configure phase build probes
    • action targets (e.g. make docs)
    • meta-issue QBS-70 collects those and some more


  • Estimated goal for being able to fully build Qt modules is 5.6.
  • Simon suggested to support Linux containers (https://linuxcontainers.org/) for package creation. We agreed that it's nice to have, but low priority.
  • The "problem of bootstrapping" is a non-issue, according to Ossi. It's just work. :)