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Qt on PlayBook OS

The PlayBook tablet products are older and PlayBook OS does not include a Qt installation. An ealier version of Qt is integrated in the PlayBook NDK (Native Development Kit) only.

Lets get started using Qt4.8 to develop your apps.

The basic process is:

  1. Make sure that your PlayBook is running the latest 2.x version of the firmware by going to Settings->Software Updates->Check for Updates.
  2. Install the BlackBerry NDK and set it up for the use with Qt.
  3. Build Qt 4.8.3
  4. Configure your infrastructure for signing and deploying your applications:
    1. Get your signing keys from: https://www.BlackBerry.com/SignedKeys/codesigning.html
    2. Open up a BlackBerry NDK enviroment command prompt (on Linux run source bbndk-env.sh in a terminal emulator)
    3. Register your signing keys:
[code]BlackBerry-signer -register -csjpin 123456 -storepass 123456 client-RDK-1234567.csj client-PBDT-1234567.csj[/code]
It's important to note that one of the files generated (the author.p12) is referred to in the tools as the store and the password you typed in the previous line is called the storepass. Do not lose the storepass!
    1. Request a debug token (replace the your_pin with your device pin code which can be found at Settings -> About-> Hardware -> PIN):
[code]BlackBerry-debugtokenrequest -storepass 123456 -devicepin <your_pin> debug_token.bar[/code]
    1. Install your debug token:
[code]BlackBerry-deploy -installDebugToken BlackBerry/debug_token.bar -device -password [your_pin][/code]
    1. You can check your token state at Settings -> Security-> Development mode
  1. Do not forget to enable Developer Mode. Go to Settings -> Security and Privacy-> Development Mode and toggle the switch to turn it on.
  2. Develop your application
  3. Build and deploy your application and required Qt libraries to the PlayBook, test
    1. The BlackBerry Playbook does not include the Qt libraries, so you need to package them to your application. Deploy_Qt4_based_app_to_BB_PB_usingQtCreator
  4. Submit your application to the BlackBerry AppWorld

For more detailed instructions please take a look at

Please note that 4.8.3 is the last Qt version supporting PlayBook OS 2.x. Qt 4.8.4 and later and Qt5 are only supported on BlackBerry 10.