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  • Summary: Support rendering of Qt Quick into a texture and interacting with instances of it
  • Project lead: Antti Määttä (anmaatta)
  • Branch: wip/qtquickintegration


To be able to render a Qt Quick scene into a texture and then use that texture as any other 2D texture. In addition, it is important to be able to interact with elements that accept input even if the texture is used in multiple places.

If possible, make it efficient to use a texture generated like this in multiple places and also to make it efficient to use lots of small Qt Quick scenes.

Conversely, it should also be made efficient to use many Qt 3D scenes within a Qt Quick scene. Scene3D is too heavy for this as it encapsulates a QAspectEngine. Maybe a way to share multiple scenes with a single QAspectEngine could work. Use case here is to have Qt 3D render 3D models for toolbar buttons for e.g.