Qt3D use cases in automotive and the problems with it

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Discussed problems of Qt 3D and 3D in general.

Qt 3D is more a really good toolset for building 3D engines, it's not a full 3D engine out of the box. It allows one to implement 3D engines with modern features. Qt 3D Studio is implementation of a specialised 3D engine on top of Qt 3D.

Action to KDAB and TQtC: Make this point more clear in our documentation and material.

Also discussed the process of doing real time 3D:

Start with high polygon model. Technical artist optimises the model for target HW. Most often this process involves creating a low resolution model, then baking the details of high detail model as normal map textures to that (as one example). Iterate this until the results run acceptably and look acceptable on the target HW and display. --> Requires ability to test on target HW.