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Please add your name when starting to test certain package so others are aware whom to ask or share findings.

Put OK (tester_name), if the package seems to be OK, or NOK (tester_name), if not. Remember to use bugreports.qt.io for bug reporting! You can also add bug ID in addition to name/OK/NOK.

Due to build process reasons installers are from different builds with different build number for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. If build content for those platform is same then build identifiers are on same column.

Platform Version #
5.9.2 Snapshot




5.9.1 Snapshot

Linux:#517 (201706250646)

MacOS:#463 (201706250654)

Windows:#502 (201706250833)

5.9.1 Snapshot

Linux:#510 (201706130610)



















Linux x64
Android on Linux x64
macOS OK (Richard)
Android on macOS
iOS QTBUG-61421, otherwise OK (Richard)
Android on Windows
MSVC 2013 x64
MSVC 2015 x86
MSVC 2015 x64
MSVC 2017 x64 Desktop (Widgets) OK (Torben) Desktop (Widgets) OK, after applying QTBUG-60866 (Torben) Desktop (Widgets) OK, after solving build issues (Torben)
UWP on MSVC2015
UWP on MSVC2017
QNX on Windows OK(jmcdonnell) - QTBUG-60457 doesn't affect x86 because the x86 eglGetProcAddress works for all gl functions.
QNX on Linux NOK(jmcdonnell) - QTBUG-60457

Fresh, completely new online installation always provides latest available Beta \ RC release version.

When updating existing installation both Installed version and New version information is available via MaintenanceTool (behind "Update components" selection, see details from How to get snapshot via online installer).

Build id tracked on release testing should equal to "Qt 5.9" Component Name version info (other submodules may have slightly different build id due to build process).

Testing scope

This section is work in progress and has not been agreed upon yet. Can be used if seen beneficial.

The goal is to define a minimal subset of examples that the tester has to go through and confirm it is in working order. It is not the intention to prevent the tester from randomly going through other examples but it ensures that major areas are covered on every platform. The predefined test set should not require more than 30 mins.

Qt example/application Reason for inclusion Instructions
Assistant (host tool from the package) Check QTextBrowser and rough look over the included/pre-registered documentation
Designer (host tool from the package) General testing of widgets, fonts etc
QtCreator (host tool from the package) Verify kit is installed
Camera example qtmultimedia/multimedia/declarative-camera
Sensors_Explorer example qtsensors/sensors/sensor_explorer - test access to sensor data
Stocqt example qtdeclarative/quick/demos/stocqt - tests QtNetwork and QtQuick in combination
MapViewer  example qtlocation/location/mapviewer - test OpenStreetMap maps, QtNetwork, pinch/flick/zoom touch interaction (on Touch devices)
QuickControls gallery example qtquickcontrols/quick/extras/gallery
QtWebEngine Quick Nano Browser qtwebengine/webengine/quicknanobrowser (not available with MSVC2010, MSVC2013 (Qt 5.8), MinGW)
Debugging of one of the examples above Verifies breakpoint and accessibility of local variables
Shortcuts manual test ( qtbase\tests\manual\shortcuts ) Frequently broken
Run windeployqt (Windows only) Tool verification Open command shell initialized with Visual Studio and qtenv2.bat, build example, run windeployqt on the binary. Verify that binary runs by doubleclicking in explorer or running from shell without Qt environment.
Run macdeployqt (OS X only) Tool verification