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Long-term releases

Last year's notes

Qt 5.5 will be the last release to support:

  • GCC 4.6
  • OS X 10.7
  • Windows Vista
  • WIndows Embedded Compact 7
  • QNX 6.5
  • Qt WebKit, Qt Script, Qt Quick 1

Therefore, we'd like to have a long-term support release that allows people who cannot upgrade to remain for some longer time in an official release. Additionally, we'd like to sync up with Ubuntu's LTS releases (next is 16.04) - other distros are mostly focused on servers (RHEL, SLES) or don't actively depend on Qt anyway.

Qt 5.5 would be ideal - but we'd need to support the old Qt CI system for longer. So we're targetting that Qt 5.6 will be the first LTS release.

Other notes:

  • We will keep a Linux builder building 32-bit to make sure everything works - no binary packages for Linux 32-bit
  • We do not build for OS X 32-bit, but we'll accept packages
  • We do need to introduce a static builder to ensure things work. We need to document that static requires more complexity to make a working application and it's only tested with qmake.