QtCS2015 QtQuickControls2

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  • Background
    • QtQuick.Controls 1 has tons and tons of objects per control
  • Overview
    • QtQuick.Controls 2 has interaction logic in C++, greatly decreases object overhead and number of contexts
    • QtQuick.Controls 2 has visual items still in a (thin) QML layer
  • Styling, theming and customization
    • Native/platform styles currently out of scope
      • Would be in a separate (derived) imports?
    • Currently QtQuick.Controls 2 has a simple themable QML layer
      • Ongoing work adapting the palette concept from widgets (QTBUG-45839)
    • Parts of controls can be replaced with custom delegates
  • Status
    • Popup items vs. popup windows
    • Text selection handles via IM
    • No scaling (logical units?) thought of yet
  • Discussion
    • Accessibility in the QML layer? Needed as it's private from QtQuick
    • Some embedded users don't want accessibility. Seems "Short-sighted".
    • Continue with controls 1 until native/desktop gets brought into the controls 2 idea
    • As in done and maintained, but R&D on controls 2