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Feedback from contributors:

  • Missing things have usually been added in the next version.
  • User Scripts are already being used, for modifying existing web content, automatically log into certain web pages.

Planned features for Qt 5.6:

  • Update Chromium to version 44
  • Investigate build system change from GYP to GN
  • PDF support
  • Flash support
  • NaCl / PPAPI support
  • Cookie API
  • Proxy Settings API

Solutions for the following problems were requested:

  • Take screen shots from the web view
  • We need to integrate certificate exceptions with QtNetworkAccessManager
  • Widgets support for QtWebView is requested
  • Packaging on Linux is problematic, because we package many things we already have. Can we provide native packages for LTS linux distributions? It would help the adoption, to provide native packages