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Basically a status update on Qt 3D Studio and some of the on-going Qt 3D improvements.

  • Qt 3D Studio is now open (GPLv3/Commercial), on Gerrit at qt3dstudio/qt3dstudio.


  • Official Qt 3D Studio 1.0 release targeting end of November.
  • Meanwhile research/work is on-going for a new, Qt 3D-based runtime. Available on Gerrit at qt3dstudio/qt3d-runtime. Target is next year, this is work in progress and subject to heavy changes.


  • Qt 3D performance improvements: to bring down CPU usage when there are few or no changes in the scene between frames, and to reduce memory usage. Achieved by more caching, optimizing QThreadPool, etc. Changes targeting 5.9 (LTS), so 5.9.2 and up will benefit. Great news for any Qt 3D user.
  • How the closer integration of 2D and 3D tooling (Quick Designer and Qt 3D Studio) will look longer term is not yet clear. At minimum the apps should launch from each other to provide a smoother workflow.