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Session notes for wiki.qt.io session at Qt Contributors' Summit 2017.


  • Changes needed
  • Moderation
  • Tagging and categories
  •  ??

Current situation:

  • First page is nice
  • Release team does a good job with their pages
  • User content tends to rot and needs cleanup
  • User content looks like official post so their might be confusion like platform officially supported MinGW VS MinGW64
  • Spam onslaught happened and there's need for more control is needed
  • Moderation plugin is active
  • Working through all the documents would take at least a year

Possible actions

  • Improve edit queues (more people in it)
  • Have maintainers to do quick reviews
  • Tag pages for knowingly be old/outdated (maybe after six months)
  • Somehow mark officially edit pages (e.g. Qt Release Team) VS user edit content
  • Enable only english ? Most of the other languages might not be reviewable

Things that we can do

  • Setup a mailing list for maintainers