QtCS2018 Nurturing the Qt community

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Hosts: Kai koehne, Samuel Gaist

Notes: Jani Heikkinen

  • Size of asset is increased. Qt 4 there were ~ 31960 files, now more than 2 times bigger!
  • Amount of contributors is stable or even going down (at least not growing)
    • Starting to contribute seems to be hard (setting up gerrit, social and techical barriers (Is my change really needed in Qt, am I competent enough to do contribution), CLA)
    • We need better documentation how to start (e.g no need to clone and compile whole Qt5, one submodule is usually enough)
    • Sometimes some review comments etc can be/feel rude and that may cause first commit to be last as well
    • Getting reviews/approvals is hard if implementing something which isn't that urgent for reviewer
  • Why to contribute?
    • Fix a bug
    • Implement a new feature
    • Get glory/recognition?

How to welcome newcomer/keep old ones:

  • be nice (thanks for contributions, explain why bug report is ingoned/invalid/not fixed etc)
  • Especially for newcomers we could accept changes more easily & ask to do follow-up task with proposed improvements? Sometimes we are requiring too perfect solution...

How to encourage to contribute

  • Name contributors in release blog/web page etc
  • Mentoring
  • Activating people (blog comments, discussions etc).
  • Increase knowledge about permission to fail
    • No-one can know all affecting platforms, use cases etc; we have a CI for that. So you can try to contribute even you don't be familiar with all affecting platforms/use cases
  • CI pre-check? Even before manual review...
  • Make access to CI machine/image easier...