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Pointer Handlers Input Handlers: getting ready for release in 5.12

List of all known tasks in Jira

  • QTBUG-64846 Pointer Handlers flickable with Handlers manual test: DragHandler slider can't be dragged
  • QTBUG-65003 TapHandler does not emit canceled consistently
  • QTBUG-54096 Improved input handling in Qt Quick with focus on Touch and Mouse
  • QTBUG-64847 TapHandler does not tell us which button was tapped (and this breaks the manual test)
  • QTBUG-67965 PinchHandler: if the first-pressed touchpoint is released first, the target item jumps
  • QTBUG-65012 TapHandler: should not emit longPressed if the point is dragged
  • QTBUG-65089 TapHandler is missing signal docs
  • QTBUG-65650 TapHandler events are not forwarded to Map
  • QTBUG-67763 QtQuick PointerHandler's crashing in QQuickEventPoint::setGrabberItem when destroyed too fast
  • QTBUG-68120 can't get QQuickPointerHandler::pointerEvent() for second released button if you pressed two of them
  • QTBUG-68074 Pointer Handlers: grabChanged() doesn't tell you whether it gained or lost the grab, and which kind
  • QTBUG-65454 Android: crash in QQuickPointerTouchEvent
  • QTBUG-66651 Rename "Pointer Handler" to something else
  • QTBUG-68079 allow DragHandler to be used as an attached property
  • QTBUG-68106 decide whether to add a 2-finger-drag Pointer Handler (or add feature to an existing one)
  • QTBUG-68173 decide whether to add a multi-finger TapHandler
  • QTBUG-64491 need to be able to add PointerHandlers to conventional event-handing Items
  • QTBUG-66293 decide whether DragHandler needs a filterChildren property and ability to filter childrens' events
  • QTBUG-68075 DragHandler: need the ability to start dragging after a long press
  • QTBUG-68078 DragHandler: integrate with DnD
  • QTBUG-68082 make sure it's OK to use DragHandler in a ListView delegate
  • QTBUG-68101 add a modifiers property to QQuickHandlerPoint
  • QTBUG-68103 add an Item.modal property to block event propagation
  • QTBUG-68113 ensure that Pointer Handlers work with delegates in Flickable with pressDelay set
  • QTBUG-68114 allow TapHandler to be used as an attached property
  • QTBUG-68115 allow PinchHandler to be used as an attached property
  • QTBUG-68122 Allow PointerHandlers to set priority: receive events either before or after the handler's parent item
  • QTBUG-68072 Pointer Handlers: we need a HoverHandler
  • QTBUG-68073 Pointer Handlers: support setting the cursor somehow, during hover
  • QTBUG-68077 TapHandler needs a margin property (be able to press outside the parent Item's bounds)
  • QTBUG-68099 make it possible to press a TapHandler and a MouseArea at the same time
  • QTBUG-68104 finish porting the Photo Surface example to Pointer Handlers
  • QTBUG-68110 Pointer Handlers: get ready for public C++ API support
  • QTBUG-68112 add an edge-swipe detecting Pointer Handler
  • QTBUG-68116 add Pointer attached property
  • QTBUG-68117 use Pointer Handlers to replace or re-implement Flickable somehow
  • QTBUG-68119 add a WheelHandler
  • QTBUG-68118 write some PointerHandler(s) which use QObject::installEventFilter()
  • QTBUG-68802 Pointer Handlers: solve the problem of re-delivery when an in-scene popup opens

Other discussion items

  • margin vs. mask: let the margin win
  • public C++ API for custom recognizers: go ahead; we can break compat in Qt 6 anyway
  • what to do with Flickable...
  • FlickHandler
  • renaming: after discussing a number of alternatives the conclusion is that they shall henceforward be called Input Handlers. (Gesture Handlers was a close runner-up but deemed too narrow.) We will include the Keys attached property alongside them in the docs, as if it were the same sort of thing (even though it's older and is not implemented the same way).