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  • controls, quick and QML engine people working together better
    • more cooperation between Berlin (designer developers) and Oslo people to ensure optimization opportunities are found
    • refactorings in QtQuick break Controls sometimes
      • CI could help
      • testing private API is too much trouble though
  • marketing/docs: focus on application development more than on building up controls from primitives
    • examples have to be in their own repo so they can use Controls
    • but QML is different than widget development: customers need to understand how custom controls are built too
    • get more QtCore example apps using Quick rather than Widgets
  • QtQuick Core Declarative QML bug category is confusing
  • keyboard focus, keyboard operating controls without mouse or touch (e.g. for drone UIs)
    • disabled buttons break tab navigation
    • too much work, JS etc.
    • important for lots of embedded UIs
  • changing groups of properties more efficiently
    • avoid multiple binding evaluation overhead
    • avoid explosion of cascading changes and repeating re-evaluations
    • pull rather than push, lazy re-evaluation
    • dirty flag, maybe update on screen refresh
    • onXChanged JS handlers might cause trouble...
    • synchronized groups or blocks
  • bad or lacking C++ APIs
    • text
    • QQmlListProperty
    • it's not just making more public headers
    • bindings
  • working with NPM modules
    • maybe like NAPI (? or something like that) from Microsoft
  • QML and Python
    • why have Python + JS when you could just have Python?
    • come up with a way to use Python to create bindings
      • capturing dependencies is hard
    • add C++ QtQuick APIs and expose them to Python

Current work in progress

  • TableView
  • Pointer Handlers
  • Fix up the version number mess (QUIP 99 https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/215625/ )
    • main issue is name clashes: existing customer code vs. newly introduced stuff in new versions of QtQuick
  • ES6
    • test suite is updated
    • most ES7 features are there
    • missing: atomics, weak map and set, reflect, promises, proxy
    • ES8 will add async stuff... that's later
  • Tracing JIT
  • Optimizing simple bindings

Upcoming work

  • TreeView
  • Dock widgets? ;-) (really?)
    • better start prototyping then, to see what goes wrong
    • inevitable performance bottlenecks
  • Native menus
  • Strict mode
    • improve portability
    • type safety, strong typing
    • resolution of types at compile time
    • need to specify types of arguments, variables etc. (use TypeScript syntax)
    • sane scoping
    • no implicit type conversions (i.e. equality testing will not be the same)


  • Complex UIs are slow, can't afford too many objects
    • Layer.enabled: true can help
  • Item Views don't have true delegates like widget item views do
  • Looking up property bindings by name is slow