QtCS2021 - How to Contribute to Qt Creator

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Session Owners

  • Kai Köhne (kai.koehne@qt.io)

Session Summary


What are the obstacles?

External plugins a viable alternative to bigger contributions?

Contribution to Qt Creator core is still the only guarantee for build compatibility and wide, automatic distribution

  • Some helpers are in place (GitHub actions, Plugin install wizard, etc.)
  • API changes may break Plugin build
  • Distribution story has gaps

Is Qt Creator perceived as...?

  • Extensible Open Source product?
    • Source package does not come with Qt
  • Generic C++ IDE beyond Qt usage?
    • The name contains Qt, and TQC markets it as Qt IDE, but connoisseurs know it's more generic

What are Qt Creator's main info pages?

Is there an authoritative one, or there too many? Are they helpful?