QtCS2021 - Local testing on multiple platforms

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Session Summary

Our CI system Coin makes sure that changes are merged only once they build and pass test runs on all platforms we care about, but for developing cross platform code, nothing beats being able to build, run, and debug your local code before you push your changes to gerrit. In The Qt Company, an increasing number of developers are using minicoin, a vagrant-based system for managing and interacting with virtual machines. As its primary developer I'd like to see how we can make it useful for contributors as well!

Session Owners

  • Volker Hilsheimer (volker.hilsheimer@qt.io)


  • Feature requests
    • recording of test runs if the virtual machine provider allows
    • language server integration where the server runs on VMs (using the locally available compiler)
    • colorized logs with highlighted errors and warnings in COIN would be nice