QtCS2021 - Module roadmaps - updates from maintainers

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This pages hosts summaries from mentioned in this session if available as text


  • QML roadmap
  • Tooling
    • Compilation to C++
    • Better qmllint
    • Improve qmlformat
    • QML language server
    • Finalize CMake API for QML modules
    • Unify Qt Creator’s code model with qtdeclarative’s tools
  • QML engine
    • Remove property cache as far as possible
    • Improve support for value types and containers
      • Named user-defined value types
      • Make Qt.foo(…) functions for constructing value types obsolete
    • Move image providers out of QML engine
    • Allow enums as property types
    • Qt for MCU semantics guarded by a pragma, e.g.
      • No overflow from int to double
      • Stricter parent handling
  • Best practices enforcement
    • Make plugins optional
    • Avoid QQmlCustomParsers
    • Avoid manual qmlRegister* calls
    • Avoid unqualified root scope access
    • Avoid Duck-typed property access
    • Avoid overloaded Q_PROPERTIES and make new properties FINAL
    • Further things we will identify as QML-to-C++ compiler runs into problems