QtCS2021 - Qt for Python

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Session Summary

Let's talk about what can be improved in Qt for Python and how you can contribute

Session Owners

  • Friedemann Kleint (Friedemann.Kleint@qt.io)


(Notes by CristianMaureira)

Check the discussion on Akademy 2020

  • QtCreator
    • memory consumption too high
    • CPU load when editing QTCREATORBUG-24704
    • lacking support...
    • Lacking warning messages from the LSP
    • Lacking code completion
    • Detection on the virtual environment.
  • Other IDEs
    • Sublime text with Anaconda package.
    • QtCreator uses a lot of GPU in old computers.
  • UI files
    • Get step by step tutorials on how to use it,
    • Don't fall into the C++ docs.
  • Python Debugging story on QtCreator
    • Needs maintainer.
  • Feedback from Forums
    • PyQt5 -> PySide2
    • Designer based UI missing tutorials.
      • Modify design generated file.
      • Performance (old)
    • Maybe connect to an API?
  • More tutorials on Python/C++
  • Redirect
    • doc.qt.io/pyside -> qtforpython
    • doc.qt.io/pyside2 -> qtforpython-5
    • doc.qt.io/shiboken
    • doc.qt.io/shiboken2
    • ...

Q: Doesn't that scripting example use a bunch of extra code referencing the Python C API instead of a nice Qt API?