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  • Deprecating old shells (xdg-shell v5, wl-shell, eventually xdg-shell v6)
  • Subsurfaces


  • Making APIs public?
  • Solving the backing store flickering problem (mostly on gnome-shell).
  • QtBase popup model (tree) doesn't match xdg-shell (linear stack)
  • Window decorations
    • Improving looks
    • Supporting server-side decorations
  • Avoid unnecessary deletions of wl_surface/xdg_surface? (attaching null buffers)


  • Towards Qt 6
    • Use pointer handlers?
    • Remove sizeFollowsSurface
    • Change defaults:
      • autoCreatePopupItems: true
      • sizeFollowsWindow: true
      • windowSystemCursorEnabled: nested ???
    • Make APIs for different shells source compatible (duck typing)?
  • Support windowless compositor
    • Make window property optional in WaylandOutput?
  • Rename QML import from QtWayland.Compositor to QtWaylandCompositor?
  • Move extensions to QML modules? e.g. import QtWaylandCompositor.XdgShell 1.0
  • Support multiple client buffer integrations simultaneously