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Where to share code for blog posts etc?

Use Case 1: Blog article, git.qt.io, couldn't contribute

  • Samuel could create account
  • Could not contribute (should have rights to either fork, or
 create merge requests ...), adjust permissions ...

Use Case 2: mapbox wants to share code for Qt to include to

  • Plugin for qtlocation / git submodule with special/restricted license
  • Sources can be open (shared) though (discussion still ongoing)
  • LGPL compatibility?
  • Restrict access via git submodule?

=> Regarding Licensing: To be discussed with legal and Lars Knoll

Places to upload code to

  • code.qt.io / codereview.qt-project.org
    • Tight control
  • git.qt.io (gitlab instance)


  • "blog posts" repository in codereview.qt-project.org

Gitlab vs gerrit - what's the right technology?

  • Discussion tomorrow

How to give CLA's?

  • Isn't that covered by Qt account conditions these days?
  • Company agreements are still done in gerrit

Take away

  • git.qt.io is managed by IT - let's raise a bug report and discuss with them
    • Should support external users better
    • Porposal: Integrate into CLA
    • Integrate into Qt Account
    • Create public default user group?