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This page is used for nominations for the 2014 Qt Champions.

The nomination process is public. To nominate a community member, please fill in the details at the end of this wiki page.

For this first year the selection process will be handled by the Qt marketing team. The intention is that in the coming years, the Qt Champions will be involved in the selection process. The aim is to hand out the first titles at Qt Developer Days Berlin, in the beginning of October 2014.

The categories for nomination are:

  • Community Builder
  • Content Creator
  • Quality Assurer
  • Developer
  • Ambassador
  • Rookie of the year
  • Maverick

Each category may or may not have a Qt Champion in a given year. The number of Qt Champions is limited. Being nominated does not automatically bring a title, but is a recognition in itself.

We know we have very talented Qt Champions out there, but please nominate a person for one category. You can nominate multiple people for a category, only Rookie of the year and Maverick are strictly limited to one Champion per year. You can nominate any member of the community, including yourself.

In the below table please add the following information of the person you wish to nominate for a Qt Champion title:

  • Username on Qt-project
  • Category or Title to be nominated for
  • Reasons for nomination (max. 300 words, please provide links to relevant material if possible)
Username Title category Reason for nomination
SGaist Community Builder, Quality Assurer, Developer
NielsMayer Ambassador NielsMayer, one of the last nominees to Nokia's Qt Ambassador program, seeks to continue doing technical presentations and online advocacy of Qt5, Qt on Tizen, and Qt on Android. Continuing work on porting VoiceToGoog MediaTator QtZibit from N9/Harmattan to mobile platforms using Qt5. See also Github … Recent acts of ambassadorship include winning runner-up at Tizen Los Angeles hackathon, demonstrating use of Qt-on-Tizen and the possibilities of native development on Tizen, despite Tizen's push for HTML5 applications. At SCALE 2012 (Los Angeles Linux/Open-Source Conf) I manned the Qt booth alongside four other developers, demonstrating Qt development and my latest versions of VoiceToGoog, MediaTator, answering questions about QML and C++ development from conference participants. Hoping to continue Southern California ambassadorship with ongoing demonstrations of native app development for Tizen and Android, using Qt5. YouTube: QUItCoding's Qt5 Cinematic Experience Ported to Tizen&Android VoiceToGoog FeedBook: mixed metaphors for browsing YouTube Feed in QML VoiceToGoog Fun With Text-To-Speech Foreign Languages and Outrageous Accents :-) .
matrixx Ambassador I nominate tw:@setelani for Qt enthusiasm; For supporting the Qt project and providing many top downloaded Qt apps and founding&supporting many years relating groups and technologies(MeeGo,jolla, Devaamo, Devaamo Summit to name a few). Her favorite color Digia/Trolltech Qt green, fav dance Qt dance.
desert (at bugreports) Developer, Community Builder, Ambassador Ariel has pushed and continues pushing the limits of Qt multitouch, since early beginning where a humble app was displayed by Brad Hughes as a multiitouch demo test for the forthcoming touch capabilities for Qt 4.x, to a Qt-based multitouch tracker, and a multitouch driver multiplexer used to create the largest multitouch screen in latin america (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7FLt7Sce2c ) and of course to support QtQuick as a the main language for it. Ariel also enthusiastically promotes QtQuick on various of the main mexican universities and gives regular college courses on the language, as well as keynotes and talks around the country. As his work continues, he files usability and QtQuick-related UI bugs, some are so ui-related they are quite difficult to reproduce, but fixing them pushes Qt UI-creation forward. Finally, he was a previous Qt Ambassador.
Emmanuel Mayssat (emayssat) Ambassador, Content Creator, Community Builder In 2013, Emmanuel wrote a grant application titled collaborative development of the Epics Qt framework. That application was submitted to the US Department Of Energy (DOE) and awarded early 2014. During the first phase of the grant (the feasibility), he quickly put in place a web site, a wiki. Thereafter he promoted Qt through social media, newsletter, and mailing list. Two months later, he had built a large board of advisers of engineers, operators, and scientists who work at facilities in the field of Nuclear Physics, High-Energy Physics, fusion Energy, and Basic Energy science. On September 2014, he stopped developing Qt software for his particle accelerator to draft his phase 2 grant application (execution). His goal is to receive significant funding from the DOE to seed a worldwide scientific collaboration around the Qt framework. His nomination and hopeful title of Qt Champion will solidify his credibility with the DOE review committee and help him push Qt forward.
 Denis Kormalev Ambassador Denis is someone who tries his best to bring Qt to Russian developer community. Both to newcomers (at studying courses and in conversations in skype/forums/etc.) and to senior developers (at local C++ user group meeting). He is known as Qt-addicted person for many years and still is highly passionate about using it everywhere and using it in right way. He does everything he can to not only give people an idea that all they need is Qt, but that they should use Qt properly (because they will benefit from it in future).
Jukka Eklund (jukkaeklund) Ambassador Jukka is a well-known spokesperson for FOSS, and has been extra active in spreading the Qt Project message through Social media and in various formats, especially amongst the Sailfish developer community.
tasuku Community Builder, Ambassador Suzuki-san has been an Qt enthusiast for many years in Japan and spearheading the activities to keep the community engaged in Japan—via conferences, labs, meet ups, learning etc—as well as helping organise Qt Developer Days Asia. As you can see he’s a Qt extraordinaire : http://qt5.jp/ tweets at task_jp
Dheerendra Community Builder Dheerendra has been an extremely active Qt ecosystem member for already many years representing in Bangalore, India. As a Qt trainer he has delivered a lot of Qt knowledge around through his work but he is also very keenly looking after the community developers by helping them in all around the forums in regular basis.
Giuseppe D'Angelo (peppe) Developer peppe is super awesome, and has been for a long time (working on a number of new additions to Qt 5, and now regular bugfixes etc). He has a broad base of knowledge across a huge part of Qt. He's also a regular strong presence in #qt, #qt-labs, and other IRC channels, and is never afraid to help a newcomer.
w00t (Robin Burchell) Maverick Given that he fits into so many roles, w00t breaks the mold and deserves to be nominated as the Qt Project's Maverick. He may get paid to code awesome stuff with Qt, but he isn't paid to work on Qt itself. Yet, he makes tons of contributions while spending equal amounts of time helping others in IRC, improving the lives of developers with useful information (via qt_gerrit), optimizing the QA infrastructure (a.k.a. speeding up slow auto tests), and serving Qt Kool-aid (via twitter, reddit, and his blog) to all willing to drink. Let's raise a glass of the green stuff to our friendly neighborhood w00t, for all the work he has done and continues to do!
sletta (Gunnar Sletta) Developer Gunnar is a man of many talents, nearly single-handedly holding up the performance characteristics of the Qt Quick Scene Graph while simultaneously maintaining QtGui and disseminating invaluable advice to the many novices who loiter in #qt praying their graphics problems be magically solved. Despite his apparent powers of telepathy, the wise sage sletta doesn't practice magic: he simply kicks ass at writing graphics code and helping the community do the same.
Dyami Caliri Rookie of the year He unlocked QQuickView (QTBUG-36115) and contributed many good patches to QPA, QtNetwork,QtPrintSupport,… on Windows, Linux and Mac .
richmoore (Richard Moore) Developer Sacrifices his spare-time hacking away on SSL and general QtNetwork stuff, while also filling in for the QtSSL maintainer role. Wrestles nasty OpenSSL APIs. Always approachable for and helpful with QtNetwork and QtSSL related problems.
IamSumit Developer Ambassador Sumit is very active member of Qt Forum and a big promoter of Qt from India.Currently he is a software developer in a IT company.He always tries to give suggestions,solution to the qt members.in the last october 14 he joined the forum and gave many useful tips and tricks.He never understands himself an expert instead of he thinks himself a learner and always will be.
artem.marchenko Ambassador All things Qt for mobile apps. Promotes good Qt and QML practices particularly when used on mobiles for years, runs seminars on things such as test driving QML with 100+K slideset downloads on slideshare, created a handful of cross-platform apps for Symbian, MeeGo, Android, 7 apps running on Jolla Sailfish several of which are deep examples on using proper logging and stuff, creates wizards and guidelines for proper Qt/QML apps on new platforms and in cross-platform way when it comes to mobiles. Was recognized as Qt Ambassador and several times as Forum Nokia Champion before that for he loves promoting good practices for years. More at http://codingsubmarine.com/blog .
Kurt Pattyn Ambassador Developer Community Builder Kurt actively promotes the adoption of and effective usage of Qt within our organization by hosting training sessions and working with newbies. He contributes to the Qt code base by adding functionality (QWebSocket). He also helped to fix bugs like 10bit graphics support that enabled Qt adoption in markets where it is less often used. Kurt's experience and expertise with this tool is greatly appreciated by everyone in our organization.

Criteria for Qt Champions:

  • Community Builder
    • Being a forum maintainer / helping people on forums
    • Managing mailing lists / helping on the mailing lists
    • Helping Qt newcomers find their way around the project
    • Running Qt study groups
    • Running local Qt meetups
  • Content Creator
    • Finding, writing and sharing use-cases of Qt in unexpected places
    • Creating video material of Qt (demos, guides, other material)
    • Authoring articles and even books
    • Fixing documentation issues
    • Creating examples and snippets
    • Being a wiki gardener / editor
  • Quality Assurer
    • Bug triager
    • Being in the bug squad
    • Verifying and closing bugs
    • Help in package testing
    • Help in unit testing
    • Being in the community beta testing program
  • Developer
    • Providing patches to Qt
    • Create stunning Qt applications
    • Share Qt application creation knowledge
  • Ambassador
    • Spread the Qt word in blogs, SoMe, videoblogs
    • Find and help newcomers to Qt
    • Working to bring Qt to students
    • Present Qt at events
  • Rookie of the Year
    • First code commit during the past year
    • Active and positive contribution to the Qt project
  • Maverick
    • Has made a significant impact on the project
    • Might not have always followed the rules to the point, but gets the job done

What is expected of a Qt Champion

A Qt Champion is there to show what the Qt Community is best at.

The Qt Champion is friendly and has shown active participation with the Qt project.

Limited time only

Once you are given the title of Qt Champion, you will hold the title for a year.

If you achieve the title for three years, you will be entitled for a lifetime title. If you are so committed to the project, you need to be recognised beyond a normal Qt Champion title.

But I get paid to do this! / What if we are a company?

Yes, some of us are paid to work on Qt by our employers. Mostly on the code base, but also testing, documentation and other essential work goes on in the project. Some of the people who do get paid to work on the project do so above and beyond the normal limits of their day jobs (coding all day and helping newcomers in their free time, for example). We need metrics to find these people and provide them with a Qt Champion title too.