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This page is used for nominations for the 2016 Qt Champions.

The nomination process is public. To nominate a community member, please fill in the details at the end of this wiki page.

For this first year the selection process will be handled by the Qt marketing team. The intention is that in the coming years, the Qt Champions will be involved in the selection process.

The categories for nomination are:

  • Community Builder
  • Content Creator
  • Quality Assurer
  • Developer
  • Ambassador
  • Rookie of the year
  • Maverick

Each category may or may not have a Qt Champion in a given year. The number of Qt Champions is limited. Being nominated does not automatically bring a title, but is a recognition in itself.

We know we have very talented Qt Champions out there, but please nominate a person for one category. You can nominate multiple people for a category, only Rookie of the year and Maverick are strictly limited to one Champion per year. You can nominate any member of the community, including yourself.

In the below table please add the following information of the person you wish to nominate for a Qt Champion title:

  • Qt Account username (or codereview name)
  • Category or Title to be nominated for
  • Reasons for nomination (max. 300 words, please provide links to relevant material if possible)
Username Title category Reason for nomination
JKSH Community Builder, Content Creator JKSH should probably be nominated in all the categories. He might not be number one in any single place (except the wiki), but he is present everywhere in the community. He moderates the Forums, keeps the wiki clean, does bugreports, submits code patches, and in on the mailing lists. His work is present in the forum as guider , mentor and understanding the things well and provides the solutions.
kshegunov Community Builder, Developer Kshegunov has been mentioned by more than one core developer as someone who has done excellent work this year. He is encouraging well and which is provided by kshegunov to everyone, positive vibe is provided to everyone by kshegunov.
Ekke (ekkescorner) Ambassador Ekke is a long time developer with a strong background in the BlackBerry community. This year Ekke has moved to making apps on other mobile platforms with Qt. He has been spreading the word on Qt in mobile actively both online as well as in paper press. Ekke also did the QtCon and Qt World Summit applications this year. You can find Ekke's work on https://ekkescorner.wordpress.com/ https://appbus.wordpress.com/
Benlau Developer, Maverick, Content Creator Ben has brought a wind of fresh air to Qt development by creating a number of Qt packages that bring modern programming concepts into the Qt world, including a port of Facebook's flux application architecture methodology for Qt/qml (https://github.com/benlau/quickflux), a module for promises (https://github.com/benlau/quickpromise), a data model that implements command-query resposibility segregation (https://github.com/benlau/qsyncable), and many, many more. He takes deep care in providing tests, extensive examples and blog posts (e.g. https://medium.com/@benlaud) to explain why and how his modules can be useful to the everyday programmer. His Github contribution matrix only has three days without commits for the current year. That says it all: https://github.com/benlau/
mrjj Community Builder, Developer mrjj has been doing a lot of work on the forum where he as been helpful and friendly. mrjj , his immense guidance provided to everyone and he makes the work easier as well understanding the queries well better and providing the solutions.
VoidRealms Content Creator Bryan Cairns owner of VoidRealms generated over the years a series of 155 YouTube videos (and counting) on his channel https://www.youtube.com/user/VoidRealms/videos aiming to provide tutorials for Qt and recently also for QML, releasing all the examples on his website http://www.voidrealms.com/index.php?r=tutorial/index

Criteria for Qt Champions:

  • Community Builder
    • Being a forum maintainer / helping people on forums
    • Managing mailing lists / helping on the mailing lists
    • Helping Qt newcomers find their way around the project
    • Running Qt study groups
    • Running local Qt meetups
  • Content Creator
    • Finding, writing and sharing use-cases of Qt in unexpected places
    • Creating video material of Qt (demos, guides, other material)
    • Authoring articles and even books
    • Fixing documentation issues
    • Creating examples and snippets
    • Being a wiki gardener / editor
  • Quality Assurer
    • Bug triager
    • Being in the bug squad
    • Verifying and closing bugs
    • Help in package testing
    • Help in unit testing
    • Being in the community beta testing program
  • Developer
    • Providing patches to Qt
    • Create stunning Qt applications
    • Share Qt application creation knowledge
  • Ambassador
    • Spread the Qt word in blogs, social media, videoblogs
    • Find and help newcomers to Qt
    • Working to bring Qt to students
    • Present Qt at events
  • Rookie of the Year
    • First code commit during the past year
    • Active and positive contribution to the Qt project
  • Maverick
    • Has made a significant impact on the project
    • Might not have always followed the rules to the point, but gets the job done

What is expected of a Qt Champion

A Qt Champion is there to show what the Qt Community is best at.

The Qt Champion is friendly and has shown active participation with the Qt project.

Limited time only

Once you are given the title of Qt Champion, you will hold the title for a year.

If you achieve the title for three years, you will be entitled for a lifetime title. If you are so committed to the project, you need to be recognised beyond a normal Qt Champion title.

But I get paid to do this! / What if we are a company?

Yes, some of us are paid to work on Qt by our employers. Mostly on the code base, but also testing, documentation and other essential work goes on in the project. Some of the people who do get paid to work on the project do so above and beyond the normal limits of their day jobs (coding all day and helping newcomers in their free time, for example). We need metrics to find these people and provide them with a Qt Champion title too.