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QtDesignStudio-changelog 1.2

The Qt Design Studio 1.2 release contains bug fixes and new features.


  * Qt Design Studio now uses a .qtds file instead of the .user file of Qt Creator

Sketch Bridge

  * Added Sketch Bridge to Qt Design Studio

Qt 3D Studio support

  * Moved to Qt 3D Runtime 2.4 snapshot


  * Fixed selection synchronization (QDS-537)
  * Fixed jumping cursors in integrated text editor


  * Added a set of entry-level tutorials for performing basic tasks (QDS-477)
  * Added documentation for JavaScript functions in .ui.qml files (QDS-379)
  * Added documentation for Qt Quick Studio Components and Effects


  * Fixed 'None' in timeline dialog that triggered weird error message (QDS-664)
  * Fixed that editing keyframes did not refresh the timeline (QDS-231)
  * Fixed that a malformed project crashed Qt Design Studio (QDS-778)
  * Added setting easing curve back to linear (QDS-454)
  * Fixed animation settings that were missing after adding a new timeline (QDS-434)

Form Editor

  * Fixed blocking ListModel (QDS-115)

Property Editor

 * Changed color of binding indicators to blue (QDS-540)

Item Library

 * Fixed column layout and row layout icons (QDS-538)
 * Fixed issue in resource browser (QDS-227)
 * Fixed using last location when importing resources (QDS-499)


  * Added support for complex gradients
  * Fixed ArcItem for full arc (circle)

Photoshop Bridge

  * Added support for visibility (QDS-503)

QML Project

  * Added basic support for QmlFileSelector

Community Edition

  * Added community edition