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The Qt Design Studio 1.3.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.


  * Mapped delete actions to the Backspace key on macOS
    (QDS-80, QDS-186, QDS-849, QDS-851)
  * Moved Qt Design Studio specific plugins to the Qt Creator source
    repository (QDS-660)
  * Cleaned up the welcome mode and splash screen and moved them to the
    Qt Creator source repository (QDS-659, QDS-799)


  * Fixed that opening a file marked it as containing unsaved changes (QDS-377)
  * Fixed that the cursor was moved to the end of the file when the file was
    saved in the integrated text editor (QDS-739)


  * Updated Qt Design Studio Manual to version 1.3 (QDS-847)

Curve Editor

  * Integrated a curve editor into Qt Design Studio (QDS-546, QDS-576, QDS-577)

Form Editor

  * Fixed that there were two ways to change the z-order of an item, by no
    longer using the z-order to move items to the front and to the back
  * Fixed selection behavior

Property Editor

 * Added support for selecting multiple items simultaneously (QDS-324)
 * Fixed color editing (QDS-599)
 * Added saving recent colors in the color picker (QDS-746)
 * Added a gradient picker (QDS-605)
 * Added avanced editing of gradients (QDS-26)
 * Added an integrated binding editor based on the editor widget (QDS-625)
 * Replaced the binding editor with a text editor based dialog (QDS-626)
 * Redesigned the property inspector (QDS-366, QDS-798)
 * Replaced controls with ones based on Qt Quick Controls 2 (QDS-609, QDS-616)
   * Spin boxes (QDS-610)
   * Comboboxes (QDS-611)
   * Text fields (QDS-613)
   * Text areas (QDS-614)
   * Check boxes (QDS-615)
 * Made the layout more consistent (QDS-747)
 * Made all controls reachable after expanding other controls (QDS-745)

Item Library

 * Added tooltips to components (QDS-342)

Studio Components

  * Fixed the Arc component (QDS-869)
  * Added the Group component (QDS-651)

Asset Importer

  * Fixed that the Merge QML option was reset after each import (QDS-864)
  * Added support for custom fonts (QDS-146, QDS-31)

Qt Bridge for Sketch

  * Added support for exporting Sketch overrides (QDS-794)
  * Added support for exporting assets in the scalable vector graphics (SVG)

Qt Bridge for Adobe Photoshop

  * Fixed that an extra pixel was added to the width and height of an asset
    while exporting from Adobe Photoshop (QDS-14)

QML Project

  * Added basic support for QmlFileSelector (QDS-588)