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The Qt Design Studio 1.4 release contains bug fixes and new features.


  • Add Binding Editor support to States (QDS-1260)
  • Add Action Editor to Connections View (QDS-1261)
  • Add QML Item layer properties to the property editor (QDS-1305)
  • Add option for FreeType font engine (QDS-1143)

Asset Importer

  • Import additional layer assets
  • Consider asset bounds for asset nodes (QDS-1172)
  • High def and multiple format assets were not imported (QDS-911)
  • Sketch export problems with fonts and positions (QDS-1172)

Qt Bridge for Sketch

  • Sketch export problems with fonts and positions (QDS-1172)


  • Document using lights (QDS-1244)
  • Document using materials and shaders (QDS-1245)
  • Document Exporting 3D Assets from Maya (QDS-1248)
  • Document camera types (QDS-1270)
  • Document Scene Environment properties (QDS-1283)
  • Document Model properties (QDS-1284)
  • Document Texture properties (QDS-1285)
  • Document how to align and distribute objects within a selection (QDS-1307)


  • Allow setting a keyframe's time from the context menu (QDS-1072)
  • Implement play-head snapping (QDS-1068)
  • Allow dragging the play-head by clicking the ruler (QDS-1069)
  • Status bar improvements (QDS-1071)

Qt Quick 3D support

  • Implement property editor sheets for QtQuick3D
  • Create import dialog for 3D Assets (FBX, OBJ, GLTF2 etc.) (QDS-1051)
  • Add support for uip/uia import (QDS-1134)
  • Library: Import 3D objects in Resources (QDS-1034)
  • Create EditableListView for material management (QDS-1256)
  • Integrate the EditableListView into the PropertyEditor (QDS-1257)
  • Add id list functionality to PropertyEditorValue (QDS-1258)
  • Implement asset optimization for 3D assets when importing (QDS-1100)
  • Add asset import options to 3D asset import dialog (QDS-1101)
  • Add support for drag'n'drop adding of new 3D scene (QDS-1130)
  • Integrate the TextureComboBox into the PropertyEditor (QDS-1215)

3D Edit View

  • Add support for 3D object selection inside 3D edit view (QDS-1124)
  • Add support for move gadget to 3D edit view (QDS-1125)
  • Implement the global/local, camera type toggles (QDS-1250)
  • Document using the 3D editor (QDS-1237)
  • Add support for showing the 3D coordinate space grid in the edit view (QDS-1123)
  • Add support for drag and drop adding of new objects to the 3D scene (QDS-1132)
  • Improve integration of 3D edit view window (QDS-1179)
  • Add ScaleGizmo to 3D edit view (QDS-1195)
  • Add RotateGizmo to 3D Edit view (QDS-1196)
  • Add toolbar for the Edit 3D view (QDS-1201)
  • Add 3D view background gradient implementation (QDS-1202)
  • Implement final UX for 3D edit view grid (QDS-1204)
  • Implement final UX for world axis helper (QDS-1205)
  • Implement final UX for camera navigation in the 3D edit view (QDS-1206)
  • Implement final camera, light and selection gizmos for 3D edit view (QDS-1207)
  • Implement UX approved selection indication (QDS-1210)
  • Implement focus edit camera to selection (QDS-1235)