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The Qt Design Studio 1.5.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.


  * Integrated Advanced Docking Framework (QDS-1486)
  * Improved Theming Integration (QDS-1838)
  * Fixed hang on quit (QDS-1525)


  * Updated Qt Design Studio Manual to version 1.5 (QDS-2056)

Curve Editor

  * Added a unify tool (QDS-568)
  * Fixed select and drag handle not releasing previous selection (QDS-1033)
  * Added lock tangent feature (QDS-1400)
  * Added pinning of curves (QDS-550)

Form Editor

  * Added grouping items from context menu (QDS-1254)
  * Added save zoom and background color (QDS-1030)
  * Added annotation support (QDS-39)
  * Fixed pane is not visible (QDS-797)
  * Added locked aspect ratio scaling with shift key (QDS-829)

Property Editor

  * Added definition of custom easing curves (QDS-1537)
  * Added inspection of component for existing states (QDS-1978)
  * Added editing state property (QDS-1947)
  * Added support for Column leftPadding, rightPadding, topPadding and bottomPadding (QDS-1501)
  * Added font style support in property editor (QDS-1884)
  * Added unique custom id (QDS-1550)

3D View

  * Added grid zooming (QDS-1566)
  * Added shortcut keys for delete, save and redo/undo (QDS-1266)
  * Fixed selection after editing a 3D scene in the 3D Edit View (QDS-1529)
  * Added widget that will host the 3D view (QDS-1616)
  * Added support DnD on the creator view 3D widget (QDS-1621)
  * Fixed changing object properties while recording timeline is on, no keyframe is created (QDS-1281)
  * Fixed animate transform properties of a 3D model (QDS-1448)
  * Fixed gizmo picking is not accurate when zooming out in orthographic edit camera (QDS-1526)
  * Added copy/paste items using keyboard shortcuts in the 3D Edit View (QDS-1563)
  * Embedded 3D edit view to Qt Design Studio main view (QDS-1570)
  * Fixed 3D view onboarding text is not translatable (QDS-1993)
  * Added direction of the light (QDS-1634)


  * Added Error messages for failing components (QDS-1980)
  * Fixed item deletion via the context menu (QDS-165)
  * Fixed imported 3D components (QDS-1516)
  * Added attaching a texture to a material via the Navigator (QDS-1844)
  * Fixed selecting an item on the Navigator (QDS-1940)

Item Library

  * Added Qt Quick Animations (QDS-1613)
  * Added basic models to Quick 3D item library (QDS-1515)
  * Added default new view3Ds to have SceneEnvironment (QDS-1846)

Asset Importer

  * Fixed QML Types tab of item library only has flow tags on a freshly created project (QDS-2023)
  * Fixed font-weight is not imported in Qt Bridge (QDS-1859)
  * Fixed incorrect co-ordinate values assigned for known QML types (QDS-2018)

Qt Bridge for Sketch

  * Fixed crash on cancel (QDS-1593)
  * Fixed exports only single metadata and single png (QDS-820)
  * Fixed incorrect positions (QDS-1732)
  * Added unlinking Library symbols (QDS-1951)
  * Added font-weight support (QDS-791)
  * Added support for Sketch Libraries (QDS-1303)
  * Added overriding child component with a Symbol (QDS-1743)
  * Fixed invalid named component after export (QDS-1860)

Qt Bridge for Adobe Photoshop

  * Fixed copyright year (QDS-2086)
  * Fixed clip option no longer working (QDS-2090)
  * Fixed alias doesn't seem to do anything (QDS-2091)
  * Added QML export in different directories (QDS-1490)
  * Fixed "Cascade Properties" can force set "Export As" to "merged" even for Texts (QDS-1664)