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The Qt Design Studio 1.6.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.


  * Increased precision for float properties (QDS-2190)
  * Added Transition Editor
  * Added ListModel editor (QDS-2294)
  * Added remove group action (QDS-2228)
  * Added annotations for states (QDS-2312)

Advanced Docking System

   * Activate new ADS feature focus highlight
   * Remove resources.qrc and related *.svg files
   * Clean up new and existing source


  * Updated Qt Design Studio Manual to version 1.6
  * Added documentation for FlowView
  * Added documentation for transition editor

Curve Editor

  * Implemented proper y-axis labeling

Form Editor

  * Increased default for canvas size

3D View

  * Added light icons and gizmo improvements (QDS-2031)

Connection View

  * Changed styling (QDS-2201)
  * Implemented support for aliases in Connection View QDS-2411
  * Added singletons to Binding Editor QDS-2468
  * Added Singleton support to BindingModel QDS-2477
  * Added Singleton support to Connections

Property Editor

  * Added change type name dialog (QDS-1946)
  * Removed Controls 1 usage (QDS-2454 QDS-2455 QDS-2456)
  * Added rich text editor widget as dialog for multiline text input (QDS-2229)

Qt for MCU

   * Fixed showing items not available fot QtForMCU
   * Disabled Properties unavailable in QUL
   * Disabled FlowTags for MCU
   * Added Timeline for MCU, but disable FlowView QDS-2512
   * Added CMakeLists to MCU Wizard (QDS-2642)


   * Implemented insertion of dragged material into parent model's materials list
   * Implemented image dragging creates Texture on all materials QDS-2657
   * Added support for dragging images to TextureInputs (QDS-2657)
   * Added target property dialog when dragging image to material (QDS-2326)

Item Library

   * Add support for .hdr images  (QDS-2128)
   * Generate qml id from image file name (QDS-2328)


   * Added option for application import
   * Fixed ArcItem stroke color
   * Simplified button templates

Asset Importer

   * Updated the PSD assets name deduction (QDS-1492)
   * Fixed alias property not being parsed (QDS-1249)

Qt Bridge for Sketch

   * Fixed MSImmutableLayerAncestry failure
   * User can reset auto generated QML ids

Qt Bridge for Adobe Photoshop

   * PSD generation from json metadata.
   * Fixed export failure with new documents.
   * Export directory can be opened from Export panel.
   * Migrated CEP to version 9.0.
   * User can reset auto generated QML ids.
   * Asset name and QML ID cleanup. No layers ids in the QML ID.
   * Added support for text justification.