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The Qt Design Studio 2.2.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.


   * Qt Design Studio is now built with Qt 6 (QDS-4415, QDS-4196)
   * Added Qt 6 kit (QDS-4197)
   * Added ability to switch between Qt 5 and Qt 6 kits (QDS-4547)
   * Using qml runtime instead of qmlscene for Qt 6 projects (QDS-639)
   * Added QtGraphicalEffects compatibility for Qt 6 kits (QDS-4763)
   * Added copying and pasting styles (QDS-2231)
   * Added previously missing control styles (QDS-4750)
   * Improved QRC files integration (QDS-4566)
   * Fixed Report bug... button link (QDS-1272)
   * Fixed crash on opening a qmlproject with invalid kit (QDS-4157)
   * Removed mention of Qt Creator in telemetry info bar (QDS-4220)

Qt 6 Support

   * Added support for Qt 5 and Qt 6 in parallel (QDS-2916)
   * Implemented single item rendering for Qt 6 (QDS-2933)
   * Improved 2D item rendering for Qt 6 (QDS-4544)
   * Fixed code model for Qt Quick Controls 2 with Qt 6 kits (QDS-2918)
   * Fixed side effect of import order (QDS-2917)
   * Fixed 2D content in 3D scene (QDS-4471)
   * Fixed navigator visibility in Qt 6 (QDS-4932)
   * Fixed Constans.qml in all examples (QDS-4744)
   * Fixed warnings (QDS-4491)
   * Fixed picking of model in 3D Editor (QDS-4853)


   * Updated Qt Design Studio online manual to version 2.2.0
   * Restructured manual to describe designer workflow
   * Documented qmlproject migration from Qt 5.15 to Qt 6.2
   * Documented properties of new Qt Quick 3D components
   * Added content to FAQ
   * Added instructions for using Qt Bridge for Adobe XD
   * Added installation instructions (QDS-4441)
   * Added introduction to animation techniques (QDS-4459)
   * Added Animation component properties (QDS-4465)
   * Added creation of UI Logic in Qt Quick (QDS-4499)
   * Added qrc and rcc resource generation (QDS-458)
   * Updated UI creation tutorial (QDS-4900)
   * Updated Concepts and Terms (QDS-3475)

Property Editor

   * Reworked Property editor (QDS-4168)
       * Complete Property editor redesign (QDS-4296)
       * Removed advanced tab (QDS-3205)
       * Reorganised some items properties (QDS-3206)
       * New layouts for geometry panel (QDS-3207)
       * Reworked Color Editor (QDS-4299)
   * Added eye dropper tool for color picking (QDS-4582)
   * Added orientation property to gradient controls (QDS-4554)
   * Fixed corner radius clamping (QDS-4797)
   * Fixed Tr button for text field (QDS-3839)
   * Fixed minimum width for property editor (QDS-4555)
   * Fixed missing specifics for QtQuick.Layouts (QDS-4648)
   * Fixed crash on rapidly selecting items (QDS-4728)
   * Fixed components default names in type changing dialog (QDS-3313)
   * Fixed spin box ranges for Range Mapper Logic Helper component (QDS-4963)
   * Fixed Distribute Spacing buttons tooltips (QDS-4139)

Form Editor

   * Fixed color dialog removing property (QDS-4826)
   * Fixed ListView visibility in Form Editor (QDS-3044)


   * Fixed issue with removing of an item with layer.enabled (QDS-3802)

Dock Widget Framework

   * Fixed floating dock widget behavior on macOS (QDS-3144)

Qt Bridge

   * Fixed import path for Qt for MCUs configuration (QDS-4078)

Qt Bridge for Adobe XD

   * Added Technical Preview for Adobe XD Bridge

Assets Library

   * Fixed context menu (QDS-4628)
   * Fixed scrolling after view mode switch (QDS-3103)

Component Library

   * Fixed empty Defaut Components section (QDS-3806)
   * Fixed removal of modules that are still in use (QDS-4985)

States Editor

   * Fixed states editor model reset (QDS-4336)
   * Fixed states list button icon alignment (QDS-5054)

Qt for MCUs

   * Updated property sheets for Design View to match Qt for MCUs 1.8 and 1.9
   * Added preconfigured qmlmodule and Constants singleton support (QDS-2985)
   * Added QtQuick.Controls MCU style (QDS-4954)
   * Fixed missing properties in previous property sheets (QDS-4712)
   * Fixed property editor for QtQuick.Controls components (QDS-4052)
   * Fixed toolbar layout buttons in Qt for MCUs mode (QDS-4641)
   * Fixed issues with QtQuickUltralite Extras and Layers (QDS-4756)
   * Fixed Layers.ImageLayer properties (QDS-4710)
   * Fixed Layers.Screen behavior in Design View (QDS-3774)


   * Fixed crash for files without projects (QDS-4810)
   * Fixed annotation removal on view switch (QDS-4636)
   * Fixed annotation title removal on submit (QDS-4885)

3D Editor

   * Added support for fitting multiselection to view (QDS-4608)
   * Added moving, rotating and scaling multiselection in 3D Editor (QDS-4313)
   * Blocked changing Euler Rotation for 3D components that have rotation (QDS-4335)
   * Fixed qmlpuppet crash when editing 3D components (QDS-4334)
   * Fixed flashing when adding or removing modules (QDS-4586)

Qt Quick 3D Support

   * Added property editor sheets for new Qt Quick 3D components
   * Added particle system for 3D Editor (QDS-4618, QDS-4622)
   * Added information about materials for imported 3D models (QDS-4691)
   * Added support for vector 3D (QDS-4876)
   * Added Instantiated Rendering Tooling (QDS-4172)
   * Added Mesh Morphing Animation Tooling (QDS-4169)
   * Added Skeletal Animation Tooling (QDS-4171)
   * Fixed copy-paste not working properly on multiselected 3D components (QDS-4534)


   * Fixed flickering for specific values (QDS-3216)
   * Fixed status bar text appearance after timeline deletion (QDS-2346)

Design Studio Components

   * Updated property editor sheets
   * Fixed Arc component appearance (QDS-4359)