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The Qt Design Studio 3.0.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For more complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio


 * Added new Welcome Page
 * Added project preview to Welcome Page
 * Added support for version and resolution in description in Welcome Page
 * Removed docking widgets top right controls (QDS-5983)
 * Removed Goto implementation from Design Studio (QDS-5951)


 * All examples are downloadable now


 * Removed suffixes for sizes in wizards (QDS-5691)
 * Added tab for Recent choices (QDS-5691)


 * Added documentation for multi-language view (QDS-5639)
 * Added snow and rain particle tutorial (QDS-5376)
 * Updated create project docs (QDS-5939)
 * Update all LoginUI tutorials (QDS-5915)

Property Editor

 * Fixed UrlChooser not showing items in some cases
 * Fixed SpinBoxIndicator hover/edit state (QDS-5970, QDS-5975)
 * Added tool tips to disabled anchors (QDS-5388)
 * Added renderTypeQuality property (QDS-5935)

CMake Generator

 * Turned file picker a treeview (QDS-5836)
 * Integrated warnings in confirmation dialog (QDS-5856)
 * Used qt_add_executable instead of add_executable (QDS-5267)
 * Moved qrc, rcc and CMakeLists.txt generating menu option to file menu (QDS-5903)
 * Streamlined confirmation dialog (QDS-5991)

Multi-language View

 * Made columns resizable (QDS-5806)
 * Added better explanations in the tooltips (QDS-5807)
 * Fixed show language names consistently (QDS-5685)
 * Used same styling as connection view (QDS-5936)
 * Fixed not showing success if writing to database fails (QDS-5943)
 * Improved user feedback (QDS-5943)


 * Fixed the display of timelines for the current state only (QDS-1493)

Project Management

 * Fixed only files in content are part of the qmlproject (QDS-5904)
 * Added minimum QDS version in created project (QDS-5864)

Qt Bridge for Figma

 * Fixed text items width for texts with letterspacing (QDS-5227)
 * Fixed rotation and position of components instances (QDS-4857)
 * Fixed very often occurrence of Clip property (QDS-5601)
 * Fixed Visible property not being exported (QDS-5387)
 * Removed Clip plugin option button (QDS-5637)
 * Removed Visible plugin option button (QDS-6108)

Assets Library

 * Added support for .ktx (QDS-5849)
 * Fixed content folder location when adding assets (QDS-5953)
 * Used wildcard for all files and split image formats (QDS-5921)

Component Library

 * Removed imports that currently do not make sense in the QDS context

States Editor

 * Made the states view responsive (QDS-5753)
 * Fixed delegate behavior during state name editing (QDS-5649)

Design Studio Components

 * Improved Anti-Aliasing for Studio Components (QDS-5781)