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The Qt Design Studio 3.1.0 release contains bug fixes and new features. The most important changes are listed in this document. For more complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio 3.1.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20139 General

 * Hid build, debug and analyze menu by default (QDS-6228)
 * Improved performance when editing a qml file with a large number of objects (QDS-6110)
 * Stopped to open output pane automatically (QDS-6084)
 * Added more workspaces and a simple workspace for first-time users (QDS-6140)
 * Integrated download and extraction into the welcome page and keep examples after download (QDS-6174)
 * Fixed unsaved changes in states (QDS-6185)
 * Fixed minimum size of the welcome page as it was too big on MacBook Pro 13 inch display (QDS-6163)
 * Implemented proper preview for pure 3D scenes (QDS-5785)
 * Added cache when re-opening document (QDS-6121)

Text Editor

 * Improved finding node for cursor position (QDS-6110)
 * Added search to the integrated text editor (QDS-6187)


 * Updated particle system documentation (QDS-6190)
 * Updated welcome screen documentation (QDS-6214)
 * Updated create project documentation (QDS-5967)

Property Editor

 * Fixed error when rewriting document when changing solid color to linear in states (QDS-6184)
 * Fixed issue when a property was called className (QDS-6309)

Form Editor

 * Added preview in the form editor for files with a 3D Node as root (QDS-6221)
 * Fixed that changing camera on View3D doesn't change the view in form editor (QDS-6081)


 * Fixed on-drag bindings of created nodes to properties (QDS-6198)
 * Fixed performance bottleneck in the navigator (QDS-6110)

Qt Bridge Importer

 * Added the usage of translation functions for QML Text item (QDS-6144)

Qt Bridge for Adobe XD

 * Fixed Export TypeError pluginData (QDS-5999)

Qt Bridge for Figma

 * Fixed alias plugin option for instances (QDS-6244)
 * Fixed export of rotation property for instances (QDS-4857)
 * Fixed plugin panel inconsistencies (QDS-5442, QDS-5456)
 * Fixed export of opacity property (QDS-4674)
 * Fixed export of Text items with strokes. (QDS-5117)


 * Added comment to the beginning of .ui.qml files that explains that .ui.qml files are declarative (QDS-5964)

Assets Library

 * Split Library into components and assets (QDS-6151)
 * Fixed that assets search is cleared when adding assets (QDS-6195)
 * Implemented adding and removing asset folders (QDS-5795)

Component Library

 * Split Library into components and assets (QDS-6151)
 * Added context menu to open components from the library (QDS-5786)
 * Added dependencies for imports (QDS-6199)
 * Fixed loading of .metainfo for versioned folders (QDS-6078)

3D Editor

 * Fixed objects loaded with QtQuick3D.AssetUtils.RuntimeLoader can't be properly selected (QDS-6053)
 * Added a way to toggle the visibility of the icon gizmos (QDS-5954)
 * Added option to turn off the selection highlight (QDS-5932)
 * Added buttons to align camera to editor view and vice versa (QDS-4482)
 * Removed child object selection boxes (QDS3656)