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The Qt Design Studio 3.2.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For more complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio 3.2.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20140


 * Added universal (arm/x86_64) macOS builds (QDS-6226)
 * Updated QtForMCUs 2.1 meta-data (QDS-6535)
 * Fixed state view preview images (QDS-6390)
 * Fixed that plus icon in 'Add a new state' tile is not centered correctly (QDS-6529)
 * Fixed that navigator preview of a 3D Model node doesn't render the model (QDS-6204)
 * Fixed that navigating between components can pile up breadcrumbs (QDS-6307)
 * Added sprite, spriteSequence and baseSate as invalid ids (QDS-6307)
 * Added dropping external assets to a specific folder (QDS-6311)
 * Renamed "CurveEditor" to "Curve Editor" (QDS-5852)

3D Editor

 * Fixed rendering of sprites in sprite sequence (QDS-6178)
 * Fixed visualization of particleShape (QDS-6189)
 * Fixed duplicate shortcut keys in 3D Editor (QDS-6300)
 * Fixed attractor shape visualization (QDS-6426)
 * Fixed showing asset import dialog when dragging a 3D model (QDS-6433)
 * Fixed that component preview gets stuck open (QDS-6481)
 * Fixed font preview tooltip image in asset library (QDS-6486)
 * Fixed that ParticleShape3D initially doesn't work when added to the scene (QDS-6473)
 * Added error message on import log for failed 3D import (QDS-6402)
 * Added visualization gizmo for ParticleEmitter3D (QDS-6189)


 * Added documentation that debug, analyze, and build views are hidden by default (QDS-6372)
 * Fixed broken link in particles tutorial docs (QDS-6387)

Qt Bridge for Figma

 * Added export of states array of the component from Figma (QDS-5978)
 * Fixed font-weight and wrap mode property syntax (QDS-6490)
 * Fixed that UUIDs are not sticky in Figma plugin output (QDS-6338)
 * Fixed Figma PNG export (QDS-5460)
 * Fixed that vectors with gradient stroke were not converted to the asset (QDS-4673)
 * Fixed that when exporting from Figma it will round off floating point positions instead of preserving them (QDS-6128)