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The Qt Design Studio 3.3.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For more complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio 3.3.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20141


 * Added .qmlrc file to QRC/RCC export (QDS-6394)
 * Added new revamped splash screen (QDS-6615)
 * Fixed hanging QDS when signal handler was added on macOS (QDS-6547)
 * Added trademark notice (QDS-6787)
 * Added Qt 6 shadertools support (QDS-6472)
 * Added shader tool command line options to .qmlproject file (QDS-6590)
 * Fixed that recent projects snapshot images have poor quality (QDS-6553)
 * Hid advanced settings from the 3D importer by default (QDS-6574)
 * Added auto close to the 3D importer after a successful import (QDS-6573)
 * Fixed FlowView for Qt 6 (QDS-6822)
 * Fixed that HDR images look corrupted in asset view thumbnail (QDS-6608)
 * Fixed crash when importing Sketch and Photoshop bridge assets (QDS-6721)
 * Fixed shortcut keys doesnt work in the transition editor (QDS-6539)
 * Changed font loading in project templates to fix rendering issues (QDS-3286)
 * Renamed "Generate QRC Resource File" to "Generate Deployable Package"


 * Added filter (QDS-6063)

Qt for MCU

 * Fixed washing machine example (QDS-6817)
 * Fixed compilation issue (QDS-6599)


 * Added info about particle templates and effects (QDS-6422)
 * Added documentation for variant support in Figma (QDS-6654)
 * Added documentation for Android live preview (QDS-5729)
 * Added fire particle tutorial (QDS-6459)

Qt Bridge for Figma

 * Fixed uncaught exception when exporting (QDS-6771)
 * Added support for variants (QDS-5315)
 * Fixed misplacing of groups with invisible items (QDS-6109)