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The Qt Design Studio 3.5.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For more complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio 3.5.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20143


 * Added new material editor
 * Added "infinite vector" zoom in the form editor (QDS-7129)
 * Fixed that transitions are not saved and deleted (QDS-6760)
 * Added checkboard background for images/texture tooltip (QDS-7060)
 * Fixed that 3D asset importer sometimes gets stuck (QDS-7107)

Property Editor

 * Added preview thumbnails in UrlChooser (QDS-6980)
 * Added drag and drop from assets to UrlChooser (QDS-6979)


 * Added Outrun demo (QDS-7103)

Qt Bridge for Figma

 * Fixed that the document name in Figma export is not always "figma-exports" (QDS-7132)
 * Fixed that the Figna plugin can corrupt current page by duplicating items (QDS-7113)