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The Qt Design Studio 4.0.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio 4.0.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20611


 * Added new top toolbar (QDS-3817)
 * Hid sidebar by default
 * Fixed that macOS dmg is notarized (QDS-8500)

Content Library

 * Added that textures and environment maps are downloaded (QDS-8470)

Material Browser

 * Added "Add light probe" option (QDS-8472)
 * Enabled keyboard navigation in the Material Browser (QDS-8764)
 * Fixed not being able to remove the last material of a model (QDS-8119)

Navigator View

 * Added texture drag-and-drop support to Navigator (QDS-8206)
 * Added bundle texture drag-and-drop support to Navigator (QDS-8338)

Material Editor

 * Added bundle texture drag-and-drop support to Material Editor (QDS-8340)

Assets View

 * Added "Show in explorer" option to assets context menu (QDS-9061)

User Experience

 * Changed context menu structure and design (QDS-8970)
 * Added new status-bar (QDS-8508)
 * Updated color theme and icons (QDS-8383)
 * Updated design of all tool-bars (QDS-8967)
 * Removed unrelated options in preferences
 * Added kit selection to status-bar (QDS-8970)

Code View

 * Fixed copy and paste (QDS-8847)

Qt Bridge Figma

 * Added Auto-Layouts support (QDS-8210)
 * Improved export of Components and Component Sets (QDS-8610)
 * Added UI element to assign custom QML Snippets to items (QDS-8689)
 * Improved archive generation progress cues (QDS-8781)
 * Improved cues on item rasterization reason (QDS-9111)
 * Fixed export of fills property for fills with multiple solid colors (QDS-8898)
 * Fixed too verbose export messages on export of removed Component (QDS-8991)
 * Fixed export of opacity property (QDS-9036)
 * Fixed inconsistent uuids in Arrow nodes (QDS-9058)
 * Fixed export of items with deactivated effects (QDS-9095)

Qt Bridge Importer

 * Added optimization to create QML components only when the metadata source is different (QDS-8763)

Property View

 * Fixed that exported color property as alias is not listed (QDS-8856)


 * Added tooltips to property editor (QDS-8034)


 * Added Material Library example to welcome page

Qt for MCU

 * Updated MCU project template with new structure (QDS-4729)