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The Qt Design Studio 4.3.0 release contains bug fixes and new features.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete list of changes, see the release reports of Qt Design Studio 4.3.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20815.


 * Added new Connections View (QDS-7747)
 * Added transient scrollbars (QDS-9556)
 * Fixed Boot2Qt deployment (QDS-10264, QDS-10586)
 * Updated Dock Widget Framework (QDS-10242)
 * Added documentation for Qt Insight (QDS-10551)
 * Fixed that some views open too small (QDS-10493)
 * Fixed crash when switching from "Desktop" to "Boot2Qt" (QDS-10137)
 * Fixed that top toolbar gets partially hidden when using certain themes (QDS-10687)
 * Fixed warnings in Studio Components/Effects (QDS-9809)
 * Fixed that CMake exporter loses commands for building Qt Quick Studio Components (QDS-9808)
 * Fixed whitespaces and special characters for cmakefiles.txt generation (QDS-10745)

Property View

 * Added tooltips for studio components (QDS-10149)
 * Added percent-unit support for Shape Gradient (QDS-9853)

3D View

 * Added snapping to 3D View (QDS-10463)

Translations View

 * Fixed that translated text on button always get "Exceeds" warning (QDS-7598)
 * Fixed that translation doesn't take effect (QDS-10377)
 * Fixed that project translation tester gets stuck at 0% (QDS-9988)
 * Fixed that project translation test result is "Missing translation" for every qsTrId (QDS-10092)

Figma Bridge

 * Added support for Line type (QDS-10759)
 * Enabled stroke styles export for Vector type (QDS-10807)
 * Enabled stroke styles export for Ellipse type (QDS-10825)
 * Improved export of vectorized lines and arrows (QDS-9261)
 * Improved export of Lines positions (QDS-9262)
 * Fixed that anchors are not properly imported from Figma Bridge (QDS-10263)
 * Fixed that timeline cannot be added as a snippet (QDS-10175)
 * Fixed that RangeMapper cannot be added as a snippet (QDS-10176)
 * Fixed that merging QML can create incompatible anchors and position values (QDS-6913)
 * Fixed that a component in a "Merged" Group gets placed at the wrong coordinates (QDS-8701)
 * Fixed that asset import freezes both importer and Design Studio (QDS-9374)