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Bug Fixes

 * Added new Design Effects as Beta (QDS-11085)
 * Fixed that Qt Design Studio cannot import multi level directories (QDS-12793)
 * Added check for correct Qt version in cmake file (QDS-12798)
 * Added warning if URI in qmldir is not consistent with file path (QDS-12799)
 * Fixed that Component View incorrectly prompts nested module names (QDS-12813)
 * Fixed that fonts and assets are not part of qmlproject config (QDS-12951)
 * Fixed that design in 2D View disappear when zoomed out (QDS-12958)
 * Fixed that download operation is cancelled on Examples page (QDS-12959)
 * Fixed that 2D View is not showing proper visual (QDS-9340)
 * Added support for Grid, Row and Column Layouts for MCU (QDS-11663)
 * Fixed that Figma bridge exported result mismatch (QDS-12788)
 * Fixed that user was unable to configure property (QDS-12883)
 * Fixed "Error rewriting document" error when creating binding (QDS-12919)
 * Fixed that users cannot select Target Qt 6.7 for Desktop Launcher (QDS-12971)
 * Fixed that Qt Design Studio generates wrong code for image files in MCU projects (QDS-11602)
 * Fixed that grouping items together in a MCU project results in uncompilable code (QDS-11988)
 * Fixed that the property view cannot display constant expression (QDS-11994)
 * Fixed "Error rewriting document" when using copy and paste (QDS-12235)
 * Fixed that background color of 2D view is stored after close (QDS-12245)
 * Fixed that a user can create a project with prohibited symbols (QDS-12272)
 * Added TextInput support for MCU projects (QDS-12608)
 * Fixed that true/false triggers an error in Connection View (QDS-12888)
 * Fixed that rectangles with gradients cannot have a transparent color (QDS-13030)
 * Fixed that gradient fills do not have Alpha property (QDS-13008)