QtGraphs API and architecture

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Session Summary

QtGraphs is a new module to modernize Qt Charts (2D) and Qt DataVisualization (3D). This discussion summarized current status and changes since Qt 6.6 (TP) version.

Session Owners

Tomi Korpipää

Kwanghyo Park

Sakaria Pouke

Kaj Grönholm (notes)


  • Tomi gave a short presentation with status update.
  • In Qt 6.6, Qt Graphs 3D API was a carbon-copy of Qt DataVisualization. For 6.7 there has been some API changes and performance improvements.
  • For one, moving from pointers-of-pointers API to modern C++ with move semantics.
  • Tomi presented video showing example application, Quick3D scene with QtGraphs3D, live data, reflections etc.
  • Discussion about how Python Qt projects have used Qt Charts. Should Qt Graphs do data filtering, or user filter the data before applying it into graphs APIs?
  • Can lower-level data be supported? Like have data just in an array, so no need to create extra (data) elements? What about usage of QAbstractItemModel automatically?
  • Discussion about different user needs for Charts (Easy simple graph with data in QML vs. big amount of data).