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Qt Quick Components

This is a place for sharing your QML components.

If you have built a component in QML that you'd like to share, please add it here! It will help others who are wishing to use similar types of components or just looking for tips on building QML components in general.

Formatting notes

Please add your components in this form:

[Name, linked to wiki page or external site] [(Optional author name)] [Description]

Drag and Drop

(Greg Schlomoff)

A few QML components to add drag and drop support to Qt's declarative. This is basically a wrapper around Qt's drag and drop classes (QDrag).


An easy-to-use Unit Testing framework for Qt Declarative UI - QML


(Greg Schlomoff)

A simple Scrollbar component that works with any Flikable (e.g.: ListView). Only for vertical scrolling, but should be easy to adapt for both.

Native Quick Widgets

(Víctor Fernández Martínez)

A QML extension written in C++ as well as a set of QML items based on it that have the same look as the native widgets of the platform your application runs in.


(Jens Bache-Wiig)

HTML5 canvas-like API for QML.

Model/View components


(Romain Pokrzywka)

A clone of XMLListModel for JSON data, including query support via JSONPath (XPath for JSON).