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This is a braindump of use cases & features we have and miss. Note that this might be stale!

Web Browser

Features: All

Attributes: Security

Missing: Resource Mgmt, Autofill, Password Manager, ...

E-Mail Client

Features: HTML, CSS, ...

Attributes: Isolation to local access

Missing: More isolation features (e.g. preventing video tags)

Chat Application

Features: WebRTC (Device Mgmt), Screen Sharing

Missing: Persistent Device ID's

Online Advertisements

Features: Embedding UI

Online Payment

Features: HTTPS

Missing: webauthn, Payment API?

Custom GUI

Features: Custom Protocols, Desktop Integration (Drag&Drop)

Attributes: Startup time, Performance

Missing: WebUSB, WebBluetooth, ...

Login/Welcome Screen

Features: oauth, kerberos...

Missing: Native QWidget integration on Windows

Report Generator

Features: PDF Viewing, PDF Printing, SVG

Missing: 'page' medium, printing story for QML

Help / Manual

Features: HTML/CSS, Video Support, PDF Viewing

Attributes: Concern about size


Online Maps

Features: Touch, 3D Support


Missing: 3D Support on Windows