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The project is still young, so we don't have such a thing as a very clear roadmap, but here are the use cases we've identified and features we plan on looking into at one point or another:

Known/Foreseen use cases

  • The usual Web Browser stuff (Embedded platforms, KDE…)
  • Presenting and integrating web contents (Hybrid apps, ported web apps…)
  • Headless testing and so on (think also SVG rendering/printing to pdf, etc)


  • Graphical integration, with QtQuick and Widgets, forwarding of events, etc
  • JS bridge of sort (exposing QObject to the JS context, invoking JS on the web contents side, etc)
  • Network integration. Unclear how to do it and to what extent it should integrate. Some of the common use cases
    • custom schemes
    • loading policies
    • proxy settings
    • cookies
    • disk cache
    • authentication
    • custom CAs