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QtWebKit Contributor Meeting 2012

Monday, February 13th to Friday, February 17th at the IH Event Center in Szeged, Hungary.

About the meeting

Nokia in cooperation with the University of Szeged will be hosting the first open QtWebKit Contributor Meeting. The event will take place from Monday, February 13 to Friday, February 17 at the IH Event Center in Szeged, Hungary, which is right next to the Novotel Szeged Hotel where the Nokia employees will be staying.

This meeting is for contributors to the Qt port of the WebKit Open Source Project. The event will have an "unconference"-like format similar to that of the yearly WebKit Contributor Meeting, allowing plenty of time for impromptu sessions/discussions, socializing and hacking.

The meeting itself, including refreshments, will be free of charge. All active QtWebKit contributors are welcome to attend. However, space is limited, so registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in joining please contact Christian Sejersen (christian.sejersen@nokia.com) as soon as possible.

New Discussion Topics

  • Add yours here :) (pick from proposed for example and add your name if you're willing to lead the discussion)


Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ar6r3WA72rScdENhREplZ1JwR1pyZ25SMXVobDZjOWc

Scheduled Topics

  • Texture mapper introduction (No'am)
  • Tiling introduction (Jocelyn)
    or in other words "How does rendered contents travels from WebCore to the texture mapper in the UI process through WebKit2?"
  • Plans about cloud buildbot (Ossy, Simon, azbest_hu, anybody who has direct plans)
  • SVG filters: shader base implementation by GC3D / OpenCL. (We welcome any advice.) (Oliver / Twisto, Tamas / tczene)
  • Extending EWS and build bot with selective regression tests and other research (Arpad Beszedes)- proposed time: Monday 16:00
  • "Hybrid features" for our WK2 WebView (Caio, No'am if I can convince him)
    Interacting with JS code running in the page, exposing application data to the page, PhoneGap/Cordova project for Qt 5.0.
  • What work is left to do for the Qt 5.0.0 release (Simon)
  • Getting rid of QtWidgets dependency (Simon)
  • QtWebKit API review for Qt 5.0.0 (Simon)

Proposed topics for discussion

  • Memory usage (tiling etc)
  • Upstreaming of our remaining patches
  • Cleanup WebKit2 build (remove redundant modules, etc.)
  • Graphics (2D, 3D, Accelerated compositing, Shaders)
  • Hybrid features: injecting scripts, interacting with webpage JS from QML
  • Snowshoe - QtWK2 based browser for desktop
  • Benchmarking - Real life scenarios? Methanol?
  • QA - keeping the tree green, gardening, check/close/triage old bugs
  • DFG, JIT - Platform specific modifications in JSC (eg. typed arrays); missing macro assembler instructions; how it works?
  • Extending EWS with selective regression tests and other research - meta bug: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78699
  • V8 vs. JSC
  • Security
  • Setup a QtWebKit performance bot to http://build.webkit.org (Ossy, Jeez, …)

Interesting graphics-related bugs

  • [1] Better shader management in TextureMapperGL
  • [2] Fix clipping issues
  • [3] Software implementation of filters (tczene, voliver)
  • [4] Unskip compositing tests (dicska, abalazs)
  • [5] Get rid of GraphicsLayerQt
  • [6] Fix mask and reflection edge cases

Viewport Issues

The below list contains issues that were raised during the first viewport-related session. They need to be investigated and tested before bugs are actually opened. Kenneth will be more than glad to elaborate a bit more on any of these topics.

  • Show the same thing in the width when orientating (which can

be restricted)

  • Orientation with restriction (gmail) show checkerboards (landscape to portrait? center?)
  • Finger on screen do not rotate
  • Rotation testing on desktop
  • Vkb visible scale to 2.0 (with restrictions)
  • Pinch bounce back ignore pan, orientation etc etc
  • Tap to zoom
  • Tap on input fields (fitting-in-view/not-fitting tests)
  • Bounce back from pan (click will make it jump back immediately!)
  • Pan out of view, pans to half the screen (doesnt follow finger 100%)
  • Fit to view (when? how?)
  • Even when pinch is disabled do minimal pinch back animation (when not running as standalone web app)
  • When fitting in view, allow minimal vertical scrolling
  • Tap to zoom + text size adjust
  • media query : orientation
  • Pixel ratio graphics 1 to 1
  • Session history + orientation! (zoom level? position?)
  • Suspension


Already signed up? Add yourself to the list and see you there! If not, please contact christian.sejersen@nokia.com as soon as possible to hear if there are still available seats.


  • Andreas Kling (kling)



University of Szeged