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Session Summary

Qt Connected First - QtCS 2023.pdf

Since a while there are multiple additions to Qt which target more efficient development of apps when talking to different web services as well as implementing distributed architectures. As of July 2023, it ranges from the new Qt gRPC module and the "revived" Qt HTTP Server to ongoing works on various helpers for REST in Qt (see QTBUG-112276 and issues linked to it). Not mentioning the Qt Interface Framework and Qt D-Bus as IPC components in Qt.

But what should we do next or differently in this domain? Introduce an integration of GraphQL? Invest more time in OpenAPI instead of GraphQL?

In this session, we will give an overview of what is going on and what is available, but most importantly, we want to discuss and hear your views and opinions.

Session Owners



by Friedemann

  • write less code end app to intranet/server
  • done: Http server gRPC REST (6.7) HTTPS headers
  • HTTP/2 multipart HTTP
  • gRPC
  • Plugin for Open API better than OAuth2?
  • REST better than Open API
  • GraphQL (Facebook, Airbnb) Graph Query Language

-- Discussion -----

  • Networking in QML ? gPRC provides API
  • Cookie support? Server side missing (Authentication)
  • HTTP server room for improvement Authentication
  • JWT Java Web Tokens for Authentication
  • Many flavours of GraphQL Check out playgrounds
  • Support for Authentication for REST OAuth2/JWT/Bearer tokens?
  • Encryption of Authentication/JSON (also conveniently configureable in HTTP server)
  • NodeJS? flexible building blocks
  • WebRTC? data channel video/audio not useful outside WebRTC for peer to peer connections via web server higher on stack
  • Desktop sharing
  • WASM application
  • Check what technologies are used by common web sites
  • Action point: Set up our own services to keep our examples working (otherwise fall apart)
  • How to handle storage of private keys on devices?
  • Contacts: Markus Tillmanns/Fabian Kosmale