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Qt 4 Essentials - Widget Edition

The Qt Essentials - Widgets Edition course is an introduction to Qt programming for widgets-based Application developers. It lasts 3 days and it's objective is to provide you with a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of Qt and experience in programming with Qt with strong emphasis on widget-based programming. Please visit our course comparison page in order to compare our "Qt Essentials" and "Programming with Qt" courses side by side.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Provide trainees with a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of Qt.
  • Provide trainees with Qt programming experience.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of C++ programming.
  • Basic knowledge of GUI programming.
  • Previous Qt experience is not required.


  • Fundamentals of Qt: the story of Qt, developing a "Hello World" application, "Hello World" using Qt Creator, practical tips for developers
  • Objects in Qt: common features of Qt’s object models, object communication using signals & slots, signal & slot variations, handling events in Qt
  • Core Classes: string handling, item container, file handling, variants
  • Widgets: common widgets, layout management, guidelines for custom widgets
  • Painting and Styling: painting on widgets, color handling, painting operations, style sheets
  • Application Creation: main windows, settings, resources, translation for developers, deploying Qt applications
  • Dialogs and Designer: dialogs, common dialogs, Qt Designer
  • Model/View 1+2: item widgets, Model/View concept, custom models, item views
  • Data IO: SAX and DOM XML APIs, XML streaming API, SQL database API, SQL models
  • Graphics View 1+2: using GraphicsView classes, transformations and coordinate systems, creating custom items
  • Animation: starting animation, animation groups, states and animations, events and transitions

Qt 4 Essentials - Qt Quick for C++ Developers

The Qt Quick for C++ Developers course is a 2 day introduction to Qt Quick.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Provide trainees with a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of Qt Quick.
  • Provide trainees with Qt Quick programming experience.

Course Prerequisites

At least a basic understanding of Qt, QObjects and GraphicsItems


  • Introduction to Qt Quick: Meet Qt Quick, Concepts
  • Composing User Interfaces: Nested Elements, Graphical Elements, Text Elements, Anchor Layout
  • User Interaction: Mouse Input, Keyboard Input
  • States and Transitions: States, State Conditions, Transitions
  • Animations: Animations, Easing Curves, Animation Groups, Lab – Bouncing Ball
  • Presenting Data: Arranging Items, Data Models, Using Views, XML Models, Views Revised
  • Qt Quick Structures: Components, Modules

Qt 4 Essentials - Qt Quick for Designers

The Qt Quick for Designers course material targets user interface focused developers.