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This is the wiki where we plan to keep the operative information about how we work towards releasing Qt 5.0.0.

Regular updates

Status updates for the release will be sent on a weekly basis to the release mailinglist.


The backlog of all issues that people has accepted (open or in progress) to be fixed for Qt 5.0.0 can be found in Jira.

Please help us by making sure your tasks are on this list (and that the ones you don't plan on doing are not). This is done by setting "Fix version = 5.0.0 [beta 2/RC 1/(Next Major Release)]", and ensuring that it is open or in progress.

Moving towards the final release

Beta 1

"Known issues":Qt500beta1KnownIssues

Beta 2

Blockers (this list needs to be empty before we release the beta)

"Known issues":Qt500beta2KnownIssues

RC 1

"Known issues":Qt500RC1KnownIssues

RC 2

  • "Known issues":Qt500RC2KnownIssues
  • "Bugs addressed since RC 1":Qt500_Bugfixes_RC1_vs_RC2


  • "Known issues":Qt500KnownIssues
  • "Bugs addressed since RC 2":Qt500_Bugfixes_RC2_vs_Final

Releasing team

  • Lars Knoll - Qt's Chief Maintainer
  • Thiago Macieira - Qt Maintainer and previously release manager
  • Stephen Kelly - Qt Maintainer
  • Sean Harmer - the QNX port and help with OpenGL
  • Kai Koehne, Tim Jenssen and/or Maurice Kalinowski - Qt Creator
  • Topi Reinio - Error Manager
  • Iikka Eklund, Akseli‎ Salovaara, Johanna Äijälä and Sergio Ahumada - Technical releasing, build and packaging
  • Katherine Barrios - Marketing and communication
  • Sinan Tanilkan - Release Manager

Meetings and Go/no-go decisions

The releasing team will meet weekly on IRC (qt-releases on Freenode). Closer to the release, it is likely that we will meet once a day.

Before the release can happen, the releasing team will participate in a go/no-go meeting, to agree on the release.