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With Qt 6 one of the goals is to simplify the product structure and allow much easier installation of addition libraries by users. First step towards the new structure, is to streamline the base installation to include the most commonly used libraries. With Qt 6, the base installation includes primarily just the Qt Essentials and a few of the most commonly used Qt Add-Ons. In addition the base installation contains a few smaller items that are part of Qt Base, and not easily installable separately. Most of the Qt Add-Ons are moved outside of the base installation, but still available when needed. Leveraging the Qt Marketplace, new installer and package manager these Add-Ons can be installed after selected by the user. Installation experience and amount of additional libraries will be improved continuously.

Repository Module Essential / Add-on / Not supported in 6.2 In installer main package Separate item in installer UI Comments
qt3d Qt 3D Add-On X
qt5compat Qt5 Compatibility Module Add-On X
qtactiveqt Active Qt Add-On X
qtandroidextras Qt Android Extras Add-On No separate module but included in Qt Base
qtapplicationmanager Qt Application Manager Add-On X In commercial installers only
qtbase Qt Concurrent Add-On X
Qt Core Essential X
Qt D-BUS Essential X
Qt GUI Essential X
Qt Network Essential X
Qt OpenGL Add-On X
Qt OpenGL Widgets Add-On X
Qt SQL Add-IOn X
Qt Test Essential X
Qt Widgets Essential X
Qt Print Support Add-On X
Qt XML Add-On X
qtcharts Qt Charts Add-On X
qtcoap Qt CoAP Add-On X
qtconnectivity Qt NFC Add-On X
Qt Bluetooth Add-On X
qtdataviz3d Qt Data Visualization Add-On X
qtdeclarative Qt QML Essential X
Qt Quick Essential X
Qt Quick Dialogs Essential X
Qt Quick Layouts Essential X
Qt Quick Test Essential X
qtgamepad Qt Gamepad Not supported in 6.3
qtgraphicaleffects Qt Graphical Effects In qt5compat submodule
qtimageformats Qt Image Formats Add-On X
qtinterfaceframework Qt Interface Framework Add-on X In commercial installers only
qtknx Qt KNX Not supported in 6.3
qtlanguageserver Qt Language Server Add-on X
qtlocation Qt Location Not supported in 6.3
Qt Positioning Add-On X
qtlottie Qt Lottie Animation Add-On X
qtmacextras Qt Mac Extras Not supported in 6.3
qtmultimedia Qt Multimedia Add-On X
qtmqtt Qt MQTT Add-On X
qtnetworkauth Qt Network Authorization Add-On X
qtopcua Qt OPC UA Add-On X
qtpdf Qt PDF Add-On X
qtpurchasing Qt Purchasing Not supported in 6.3
qmlscriptcompilerplus Qt QML Script Compiler Plus Add-On X Commercial only add-on
qtquick3d Qt Quick 3D Add-On X GPLv3
qtquickcontrols2 Qt Quick Controls Essential X
qtquicktimeline Qt Quick Timeline Add-on X GPL3
qtremoteobjects Qt Remote Objects Add-On X
qtscript Qt Script Not supported in 6.3
qtscxml Qt SCXML Add-On X
qtsensors Qt Sensors Add-On X
qtserialbus Qt Serial Bus Add-On X
qtserialport Qt Serial Port Add-On X
qtshadertools Qt Shader Tools Add-On X GPLv3
qtspeech Qt Speech Not supported in 6.3
qtsvg Qt SVG Add-On X
qttools Qt Assistant Add-On X
Qt Designer Add-On X
Qt Help Add-On X
Qt UI Tools Add-On X
Linguist Add-On X
qttranslations QtTranslations Add-On X
qtvirtualkeyboard Qt Virtual Keyboard Add-On X
qtwayland Qt Wayland Client Add-on X
Qt Wayland Compositor Add-on X GPLv3
qtwebengine Qt Webengine Add-On X
qtwebsockets Qt WebSockets Add-On X
qtwebchannel Qt WebChannel Add-On X
qtwebview Qt WebView Add-On X
qtwinextras Qt Win Extras Not supported in 6.3
qtx11extras Qt X11 Extras Not supported in 6.3
qtxmlpatterns Qt XML Patterns Not supported in 6.3

Supported targets

By default modules are supporting all targets. In tables below there is a list of exceptions

Modules supporting only some specific targets are listed in table

Repository Module MSVC MinGW Linux Mac Android iOS WoA WASM INTEGRITY QNX
qtactiveqt Active Qt X X
qtlanguageserver Qt Language Server X X X X X
qtpdf Qt PDF X X X X
qtserialport Qt Serial Port X X X X X X X X
qtwayland Qt Wayland Client X
Qt Wayland Compositor X
qtwebengine Qt Webengine X X X

Targets which are supported only in some modules are listed in table below

Target qtbase qtdeclarative qtquickcontrols2 qtshaderTools qtsvg qtwebsockets qtmqtt